Kasetsart University is ranked the 45th World’s Most Sustainable Universities in 2021


Kasetsart University - มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์

          Kasetsart University has been ranked as the top 50 of the world's environmentally friendly educational institution. KU has been in the world green university rankings in the past 4 years. The latest in 2021 was ranked 45th in the world out of 956 universities worldwide participating in the rankings, which has been moved up 28 position from year 2020, and as number 1 green university in Thailand of which 39 Thai universities in the rankings.

          From 6 assessment criteria as follows:

          1. Setting and Infrastructure (SI); score 1,175

          2. Energy and Climate Change (EC); score 1,625

          3. Waste (WS); score 1,425

          4. Water (WR); score 850

          5. Transportation (TR); score 1,625


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Post date: 19 July 2022