Huawei Partners with Kasetsart University on Smart University

Huawei Partners with Kasetsart University on Smart University Development to Facilitate Innovations Driving Thailand’s Digital Economy

          Bangkok, Thailand, 14 September 2022 - Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kasetsart University to undertake cooperative activities for smart university development and joint innovation projects in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. The partnership will utilize digital technologies, such as 5G and Cloud, and enable ICT talent and skill development in order to facilitate digital innovations driving Thailand’s Digital Economy.

          The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony to collaborate on “Smart University Development” between Kasetsart University and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was signed by Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat, Kasetsart University President, and Mr. Alan Liao, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Huawei Thailand. The event was honorably witnessed by Assoc. Prof. Pradondet Nilagupta, Vice President for Digital Technology, and Mr. Kevin Cheng, President of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Thailand.

          the MoU, Huawei will co-operate with Kasetsart University on a number of key areas through the provision of digital technologies and knowledge sharing. Areas of focus include the application of new smart education solutions like 5G and Cloud in classrooms as part of Smart University and Smart Campus initiatives, leveraging ICT and engineering expertise from both parties to set up more innovation projects in industries such as agriculture and healthcare, providing learning and internship opportunities to students, and collaborating on testing new 5G technologies.

          Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat, Kasetsart University President, said of the partnership: “Huawei and Kasetsart University have long collaborated on several ICT-related projects and have maintained a positive relationship for quite some time now. The signing of the MOU will provide several educational opportunities for the growth of our Kasetsart University students, and Thailand’s digital future. In the first phase we have already initiated five collaboration projects, which included Wifi-6 infrastructure for Smart Campus, Auto Part factory 5G smart Manufacturing & Logistic Solution, 5G Self Driving Commercial Truck (Unmanned Vehicle Operation), 5G hyper-reality for Civil Aviation Training Center, and 5G AR/VR Smart Classroom. This is an encouraging sign for how successful this partnership will be.”

          Mr. Alan Liao, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Huawei Thailand, spoke more on the collaboration: “Kasetsart University has always impressed us with their wealth of knowledge and professionalism. We previously collaborated together on a Smart Manufacturing initiative as well as on Virtual and Augmented Reality for Smart Education. We firmly believe these technologies and methods of learning are not only representative of the changes taking place in our industry but are fundamentally essential for helping young people prepare for a digital future. This agreement will present even greater opportunities to enhance smart education solutions thanks to Huawei’s state-of-the-art 5G and Cloud technologies, further improving both the operational efficiency and security of Kasetsart’s smart education solutions and applications.”

          The key outcome of the partnership is the development and facilitation of digital innovations driving the Thailand Digital Economy. By signing the official collaboration agreement into effect, Huawei and Kasetsart University will be able to accelerate cooperation progress and expand their scopes of work throughout multiple vertical industries. Huawei will also be able to help develop the digital manpower of the next generation, which is crucial for the constantly evolving digital landscape.

          Huawei has long been committed to driving education that focuses on upskilling the Thai ICT workforce to support the needs of the growing digital sector, as well as driving Thailand to become a major hub for digital technologies and personnel development. Both Thai industries and the economy can benefit greatly from this collaborative effort and Huawei is proud to be a part of driving that change forward.

          In addition, Huawei will soon host their annual flagship event ‘HUAWEI CONNECT 2022’ in Bangkok on September 19-21, 2022, at the newly renovated Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Traditionally held in China, the event will debut in Thailand for the first time and provide opportunities for tech-savvy individuals to discuss challenges and opportunities in digital industries, as well as explore how Cloud and 5G can help businesses and individuals achieve success. The event will showcase the latest ICT products, solutions, and groundbreaking innovations that will help elevate the industry.

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Post date: 15 September 2022

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