Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Business Administration

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Educates and trains executives and other business professionals who have the skills
and competencies to develop and manage entities that achieve sustainable success in business.

The Faculty of Business Administration

Kasetsart University

cultivates and builds professionals who have the expertise and academic knowledge about business affairs that contribute to the prosperity and wisdom of the Thai nation. The Faculty manages its programs according to the highest ethical and moral standards. The Faculty seeks to serve as a resource, assisting in the development of Thailand's commercial and business sectors for the benefit and progress of Thai society and the Thai nation.

  • The Faculty offers a wide variety of courses in various fields of study, including Thai and English language international programs, at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degree levels.
  • Our graduates are recognized and appreciated for the work they do and attain professional careers in public and private organizations, including executive positions in some of Thailand's leading companies.
  • Graduates have a high success rate of employment. Students from the Faculty's highly acclaimed Department of Accounting are often recruited by multinational companies or accounting firms to provide audit services and business consulting.
  • We endeavor to award scholarships to many of our students, and we maintain a network of outstanding companies that provide internships and practical professional training to students.
  • The faculty organizes extra-curricular activities for students throughout the period of their studies, which helps them to develop good judgment, emotional maturity, critical thinking, and other important life skills.
  • The Faculty's academic staff includes graduates from highly regarded international universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. They also have gained extensive professional experience in a wide variety of business fields, while holding significant corporate positions.
  • The Faculty's curriculum involves studies and projects that provide training and skills using the latest technology platforms such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP software), Salesforce (CRM software), DrawiO (flow chart), and UiPath (Robotic Process Automation).
  • Students from the Faculty of Business Administration have a history of winning tertiary-level academic competitions. Students from the Department of Management are the current world champion in the MonsoonSIM Business Simulation; indeed, they have held the title for several consecutive years. Students of the Accounting department have also received awards in business planning contests organized by various reputable organizations and institutions. Our students have been awarded First Prize in the Thailand Accounting Challenge on many occasions and have received awards in the Thailand Accounting Case Competition.
  • The Faculty is one of the most popular faculties in Thailand to applicants who apply for Bachelor's degree admission.