Center for Agricultural Biotechnology

Center for Agricultural Biotechnology


The Center for Agricultural Biotechnology (CAB) of Kasetsart University, established in 2000, is committed to integrate biotechnology with agricultural science for the development of Thai agriculture. Kasetsart University serves as the leader of the Inter-University Consortium (IUC).


By integrating biotechnology with agricultural science, CAB seeks to enhance the capacity of Thai agriculture to maintain its sustainability and competitiveness in the world market.


  1. To ensure the sustainability of the Thai agricultural system by leveraging bio-scientific innovation in collaboration with the intellectual capital of the agricultural sciences and the agricultural communities.

  2. To nurture a generation of new researchers, equipped with knowledge, skills, determination, and wisdom enabling them to be responsive to the challenges facing farmers, consumers and mankind.

  3. To foster a network of collaboration between academics and commercial sectors of society, focusing on agricultural scientific research and service. To create a venue for communication between the academic community and agricultural stakeholders. To share pertinent scientific knowledge with academic institutions and with public agencies and private agricultural associations, in order to elevate the country's competitiveness.



Objectives and research directions

  1. To serve as the network management center, named The Center of Excellence for Agricultural Biotechnology (AG-BIO), Science and Technology Postgraduate Education and Research Development Office, Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education. (AG-BIO/PERDO-CHE)

  2. To coordinate and unite the research and service development programs in Agricultural Biotechnology within Kasetsart University and with the members of Inter-University Consortium.

  3. To serve as a facilitation center, connecting and integrating the research programs in Agricultural Biotechnology with other disciplines in agricultural science, focusing on efficient production technologies, food and agricultural security, and the conservation of agricultural environments, to enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of Thai agriculture.

  4. To serve as an informational and resource center of research personnel, physical infra-structure, and subsidies that promote research, technical services and graduate studies in agricultural biotechnology and related disciplines, conducted in alliance with private and public sector agencies, including foreign agencies.


Center for Agricultural Biotechnology

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