1. Applicants with any of the following qualifications are eligible to apply:
  • Hold IELTS overall score 5.0 or equivalents TOEFL
  • High School or grade 12 graduation diploma can apply for Bachelor degree.
  • Bachelor degree certificate can apply for Master degree.
  • Master degree certificate can apply for Ph.D.
  • Other equivalent certificates or diploma, as authorized by the Ministry of Education. **
  • Remark: ** Other equivalent certificates or diplomas must be translated to English and issued or certified by their own government's Ministry of Education, Foreign Ministry, or Embassy or issued in English by their graduated school confirming that graduates of these programs are eligible to apply to regular full-time programs worldwide.
2. Applicants must be free from infectious diseases, or other handicaps that can hinder their study.
3. Applicants must be able to bear all expenses related to their study.
4. Applicants must have good manners and testify to the university that they will be attentive, make fullest use of their capability in their study, and strictly conform to the university’s rules and regulations.

If found lacking in any of the conditions listed above, the applicant will have his or her admission declined, or his or her student’s status nullified immediately.

Remark; ** Other qualifications are under the consideration of the faculty. Please ask further conditions or qualifications from the faculty which you want to apply.



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