Intensive English and Thai Language Instruction

  International students can improve their English and Thai language skills both on the KU campus and in the city of Bangkok in a variety of ways ranging from formal classes of study to informal private arrangements. Here is a suggestion:
The English- and Thai-as-a-Second- Language Programs offered by the Language Center of the Faculty of Humanities are available to undergraduate and graduate students registered at KU, including international students and exchange students, as well as the general public, including both recent and long-term immigrants. The Center offers courses in writing, speaking, reading, communication and culture,vocabulary development,listening comprehension,
and grammar.
         0 2579 5566-8 ext. 200or contact the International Studies Center.  
         Period of Training : June-September and October-March
       Course required : At least 48 hours per each languag course
       Venue of Training : 3rd Floor, Wittayaborikarn Building, KU,Bangkhen Campus
       English Intensive Course for Graduate Students, as a requirement, is also provided by International Studies Center every semester.


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