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Transferring Credit

Transfer Admission

          1.1 The University shall consider admitting transferred Students who possess the following qualifications:
                   1.1.1 All qualifications listed in Applicant’s qualification

                   1.1.2 Students in institutes approved by the University

                   1. 1.3 Pass at least all subjects listed in the first year curriculum of the original institute

                   1.1.4 Obtain the GPA of no less than 2.50 or equivalent in the most recent semester before the transfer 
          1.2 Admitting transfers shall be under the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty to which the students transfer and with consent of the Faculty Committee

          1.3 Transferred Students shall have no less than four regular semesters to study in the University but not exceeding twice the regular semesters needed to obtain all the rest of the credit hours otherwise their Student status becomes invalid.  For this purpose, eighteen credit hours shall be deemed as equal to one regular semester and the excess over nine credit hours shall be deemed as one regular semester.










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