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Academic Regulations

1. Studying and Examination Regulations

1.1 Studying regulation

1.1.1 Students shall register to study continuously in every regular semester. Taking a leave of absence shall be in accordance with the Regulations for Leave of Absence.

1.1.2 Students shall maintain no less than 80 per cent of attendance time required for the subject to have the right to take the examination unless consent of his instructor is obtained.

1.2 Types of Enrollment

1.2.1 Enrolling to study in a class for Credit (C) is registering for a subject in a curriculum to have the result reported as detailed in Section 13.2.1 to be computed for GPA.
1.2.2 Enrolling to study in a class for Audit (A) is registering to enrich your knowledge. The result will be recorded as S or U whose credit is not included in the curriculum and re-taking of the subject is not required even though its result is U. Evaluation for students enrolling to audit depends on the instructor’s consideration.

1.3 Examination regulations

1.3.1 There are 3 types of examination: a quiz, a mid-term exam and a final exam.

1.3.2 Specifying the number and method of exams shall be under the consideration of the instructor.

1.3.3 Examination regulations shall be in accordance with the University Announcement.

1.3.4 Students with a valid reason to miss an examination on the designated date can, within 7 days of that date, arrange with the instructor of the subject to take the examination within 30 days or it shall be deemed that he is a no-show. If necessary, the instructor, however, may consider allowing the student to take the examination after 30 days.

1.3.5 Students who cheat in the examination shall fail the subject (get F) and suffer a disciplinary punishment. The instructor has the right not to allow the student to withdraw the course.

2.Study Results

2.1 Education result reflects the learning ability of the student which can be measured from written tests or practices and/ or other performances assigned by the instructor to be evaluated as a grade. The report of study results shall show both the grade and the score.

2.2 The Grades shall be equal to the following grade points:

2.2.1 Grades with grade points:

Grade A equals to grade point 4.0

Grade B+ equals to grade point 3.5
Grade B equals to grade point 3.0
Grade C+ equals to grade point 2.5
Grade C equals to grade point 2.0
Grade D+ equals to grade point 1.5
Grade D equals to grade point 1.0
Grade F equals to grade point 0

2.2.2 Grades without grade points

I Incomplete
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
N Grade not reported
P Passed
NP Not Passed
S and U shall be recorded for courses registered for AUDIT.
N shall be used by the Registrar in the case where the result is not reported. P shall be used for subjects that the credit hours are not computed as part of the GPA or the workshops without credit hours or the subjects transferred as equivalencies from other institutes.
I shall be used only in the case where the students have not completed some assignments in a subject but the results of other assignments throughout the semester satisfy the instructor.
2.3 Other grades bear the following meanings:
A = excellent
B+ = very good
B = good
C+ = above average
C = average
D+ = below average
D = poor
F = fail

  1. Amending the “I” grade may be done before the end of the following semester otherwise the students shall automatically get the failing grade (F). Altering the result requires the consent of the instructor and the Faculty Dean.
  2. Computing the Grade Point Average (GPA)
    2.5.1 Students’ GPA shall be computed from every course registered by the students notwithstanding if they pass or fail them.
    2.5.2 The grade point average of students who transfer to another major, program or faculty shall be calculated from all of the grades obtained from subjects taken under the major at the time of admission whether they are recognized as equivalencies or not. Subjects that are not under such major shall not be included in the computation.
    2.5.3 The grade point average of Transferred Students and Students who hold a Diploma or an equivalent certificate shall be calculated from the grades obtained from the new subjects.
    2.5.4 The computation of grade point average to determine the student’s status as detailed in 25.4.10 and 25.4.11 shall be done twice a year, at the ends of the first and the last semesters. The summer sessions results shall be included in the first semester of the following year unless the students graduate at the end of a summer session.
  3. The Department and the Faculty shall withhold the announcement or copy of the study results should the students owe any payments to the Department or the Faculty.

13.7 The University shall withhold the issuance of transcripts and certificates to students if the University is aware that the students owe any payments inside or outside the University even though the study results were already announced.

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