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               The university symbol is a Phra Phirun (or Varuna), the god of rain, mounted on a naga, or a giant serpent, encircled by lotus petals and then by the words “Kasetsart University B.E. 2486”. The University color is green and the university tree is the Nonsri (Peltophorum pterocarpum).


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The University Color



The University  Tree

        Their Majesties the King and Queen planted nine yellow  flamboyant (Nonsri) trees in front of the university’s auditorium on 29 November 1963 at 15.30 pm. It remarked the historic day this tree has become the symbolic tree of Kasetsart University.                                                   

      Nonsri,  (Peltophorum pterocarpum) is a perennial tree in Leguminasae family. It is a long-life evergreen tree which has gray bark and branches grow upright. The leaves are bipinnately compound and the flowers are in large yellow panicles. Fruits are flat and thin pods which are dark red when ripe, then turning black. It thrives best under all weather conditions.



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