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The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine offers professional Veterinary education to students who have selected this area and have met the requirements in the national university entrance examination administered given by the Ministry of University Affairs. Eighty seats are available each year, twenty of which are reserved for students from specific rural areas of Thailand under the same requirements.

The Faculty's function are distributed among the two Kasetsart University Campus grounds in Bangkok and Kampangsaen with the administration office located in the former. Three animal hospitals are attached to the Faculty :

These hospitals provide public services, clinical practice for veterinary students and also serve as animal production and health care research centers.

Veterinary students must undertake a six-year curriculum of 226 credits which includes courses in pre-veterinary basic science, pre-clinical and clinical veterinary science and practice. A minimal GPA of 2.00 and an accumulative field practice of 200 hours are required.

Degrees Offered

Structure of the Curricula