The Premium@KU in the ‘KUniverse

Kasetsart University - มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์

          The Premium@KU is an agricultural products and processed agricultural products prototype shop of Kasetsart University. These products are from research and innovation of faculty, researchers and students from various fields who have worked with farmers across the country. The university has a purpose to gather all the best products of KU which are scattered at research institutes, stations and centers of the university and integrated marketing management to bring the best to customers, in order to serve customers who, look for premium products. This is a new learning style that KU will give to students under the project 'KUniverse: The Universe of Kasetsart University', which is a tangible classroom learning style through marketing aspects in the market place of Kasetsart University.

          Students will be encouraged to be entrepreneurs and innovators of the future for level the standard of goods and services up to the international markets. It also helps develop people to become Smart Farmer, AgriPrenuer and SME to jointly develop the standard of innovative products and services. They will jointly drive Thailand's economy according to the BCG Model and create sustainable economy for society and the country. That will make Thailand a hub of good quality of foods and agricultural products in the Asian region and the world in the future.

          All products in the Premium@KU are sold of high end quality which are benefit for good health of consumers. Besides, the shop has applied modern digital technology and online virtual technology such as Metaverse to help manage the store. The purpose is to increase customer access to the products and services from beyond imaginary platform.

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Post date: 19 July 2022