KU Welcomes and Discusses Academic Collaboration

     On 13 June 2024, in meeting room no. 9 on the 2nd floor of the Kasetsart Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center Building, Kasetsart University Bangkhen Campus, Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat, President of Kasetsart University, chaired the welcoming remarks for the academic meeting between Baku State University (BSU) and Kasetsart University (KU). The meeting was attended by KU administrators and lecturers, including Associate Professor Dr. Apisit Songsasen, Dean of the Faculty of Science; Associate Professor Dr. Chamaipak Maiklad, Assistant to the President for International Affairs; Assistant Professor Dr. rer. soc. Supapatpimol Simlee, Assistant to the President for International Affairs; Assistant Professor Dr. Wandee Kasemsookpipat, Assistant Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Education, and other KU lecturers. They welcomed Prof. Dr. Shabnam Safarova, Advisor to the Rector on Digitalization and Information Technologies, and Dr. Rauf Hasanov, Head of the International Relations Office at Baku State University, Republic of Azerbaijan, on visiting Kasetsart University officially.

Kasetsart University - มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์

     Before the academic discussions, both sides exchanged brief overviews. Prof. Dr. Shabnam Safarova mentioned that Baku State University is a leading university and the oldest and largest institution of higher education in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Founded in 1919, it is over 105 years old. Currently, Baku State University has 16 faculties, 121 departments, 2 research institutions, research centers, innovative laboratories, and 2 scientific libraries. Additionally, the university has five museums and five international centers. It serves over 25,000 students, 3,000 support staff, and 1,500 lecturers and researchers. Baku State University partners with over 100 universities from 32 countries worldwide, embracing its role as a leading university with innovative ideas in both education and facilities to serve the future generation. Its expertise in science and research supports intercultural knowledge exchange and the setting of new educational standards.

Kasetsart University - มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์

     Prof. Dr. Shabnam Safarova expressed interest in academic collaboration with KU through mutual academic activities such as student exchanges, lecturer exchanges, staff exchanges, joint research projects, and sharing research knowledge. The focus areas include Business Administration, Science, Education, Economics, and Social Sciences to promote international academic collaboration. At the end of the meeting, KU administrators and lecturers agreed to support Baku State University in academic activities, including the exchange of students, lecturers, and staff and working on joint research. These activities aim to further promote academic relations between Kasetsart University and Baku State University. Lastly, Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat, President of Kasetsart University, presented a souvenir to Prof. Dr. Shabnam Safarova and invited all participants to join a group photo session.

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Post date: 18 June 2024